President's Welcome


Greetings!  Welcome to the official website of Theta Rho Omega Chapter, Markham, IL  You are just one step away from enjoying and sharing in our events and photographs. We are proud to be  a part of a legacy of sisterhood and service launched fifty years ago by seventeen members who saw a need for a chapter in the Southern Suburbs. Through leadership, scholarship, civic engagement, public service, and global outreach, we have helped to transform communities.  Our social and charitable opportunities have changed through the years but the emphasis is still the same, namely service to all mankind.

We officially celebrated our 50th Anniversary on November 17, 2018,  but the enthusiasm and the pride live on. Let us continue the momentum and stay excited about our programs and our achievements in our service areas.  Although we have much to celebrate, much work remains as new programs were just initiated.

There are presently 58 members.  Former or present members of Theta Rho Omega may post information and photos.

Yours in Service, 

Jacqueline Brown 

President Theta Rho Omega

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